Welcome to The Pediatric Place!


Our pediatric practice was established by Dr. Bergman in 2005 to provide optimal personalized care for your child and takes pride in knowing your child well and achieving a personal level of attention that is only available from having continuous care from the same physician and nursing staff. Dr. Bergman has merged the old-fashioned days of very personal doctor-patient relationships with some of the benefits of our modern medical system: computerized medical records, child development and adolescent screening tools, novel educational and intervention programs.

Please review Dr, Bergman’s Biography and examine the health programs implemented through our practice to determine if this is the right fit you are seeking for your child’s pediatric care. You may call the office to arrange a no-fee appointment to meet you and your child.

If you already have selected us as your family’s pediatrician, we thank you for your trust and confidence and hope we will enjoy seeing your child grow and prosper to adulthood together.

We are exciting to announce we will start office renovations in early August!  We will temporarily move to the office space directly below us. During renovations, please enter our office from the front of the building. Our suite will be on the right.